j higgins gallery    
& event venue
 1201 Herr Lane, Suite 168
 louisville ky. 40222

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Build Out

Follow along as the new store gets built.  From concept, through construction to completion i will document the entire process!

This entire building will be our new gallery, its a truly unique space to be in the east end.

The space is over 30 feet tall and allows for a second level...as seen below.  The green paint on the wall is 8 ft high.

My first move was to build a 3 D model to see if my design would work.  I was satisfied with the layout and the scale.

The next step is to get started, its April 14th and building supplies have started to arrive!

Follow along as walls start to go up and lets see if the final result is anything like the model i built!

April 21, 2010   Steel framing goes up, back door gets cut out of 16" concrete...

April 22, drywall goes up on the divising wall, back door gets header and framing...

Well, the first wall is up, it may not look like it , but its 50 feet long and over 30 feet tall!

Notice the red truss, the upstairs offices will top off right at the bottom of the truss, it will look like the offices are holding up the truss.  The truss will be painted bright red and highlighted as an architectual feature.

Well, its May 5th and more building supplies have arrived and more walls are going up, lets see what happened today!

Its may 7th and the floor joist are going in...its moving forward...

Its May 8th and the subfloor was installed on the second level, the stairs are just starting to be built, and next will come the upstairs rooms.  This is the first time ive stood on the second level, the celing doesnt seem so high from here!

May 11th, the framing is almost complete, next up is the plumbing, electrical, hvac, and  the sprinkler systems followed by the drywall, trim, and paint.  The store is really taking shape.....

Its May 25th and the electrical contractor has started running wire and installing electrical outlets. 

May 27th brings the sprinkler installation company.

Its the middle of June and the mechanicals are done...the drywall is going up, pictures soon...then its trim, paint, fixtures, and  flooring...Six more weeks and we are done!