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Remember, each category, photography, oils, and paper art, will have 3 different divisions, they are
1. People
2. Places
3. Things

The first 150 accepted entries in each category will 
be in each competition.

Early feedback indicates there will be more entries than places, so enter early to ensure a spot.

Your art work does not have to be finished in order for you to enter.
When will the competition open?
April 6th for all categories.

Where will competition be held?
J Higgins Gallery in Westport Village

How much is the entry fee?
$50 per entry

How many entries can one person have?

3 entries per person

Do all entries have to be original?
Yes, and they also have to be your own work

Can artwork not for sale be entered?
No, all work will be offered for sale

Do i get my work back?
Yes, work will be displayed for several weeks after the show ,  then will be returned.

Can children enter the show?
No, you must be 18 to enter

Is there a size limit for my art work?
Yes, 48x60 is the largest work accepted

When will the prize money be awarded?
The opening night ceremony

When is the entry fee due?
When you submit you entry form

Can i enter more than one category?

Will any entry be accepted?
We reserve the right to decline any entry

Is there a limit to the number of entries?
Yes, each category is limited to 150 

How do i enter?
Fill out the entry form on our website, or enter in person at J Higgins Gallery

What is art on paper?
Watercolors, pastels, pencil, pen, etchings, engravings, mixed media, if you can put it on paper then its "art on paper"

If you have other questions, call 1.502.425.1556